Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Howling Moose Gardens is back!

Just ignore 2013. *stuffs last year behind a curtain*

I've been planting like crazy for the last two-ish months, and have 2500 or so plants (greens, mustard greens, asian greens, lettuces, chards, arugula and such) moved into the large greenhouse troughs (see pic), and another 2500 sprouting in the seedling tables.

Seedlings (at a 2" spacing)

This year, I'm using White Sucker fish, which are native to Minnesota (and much of the upper midwest and east coast), so they should take the cold winters just fine, assuing I can keep the water from freezing.

I got 1000(ish) white sucker fingerlings yesterday:

White sucker fingerling.
The black net pot on the right is a 2 inch pot.

Things are growing well!
Lettuce. The dirty-looking surface is due to
a folier spray of maxicrop, which is red.
Tatsoi, one of my favorite greens.
Plant spacing in the greenhouse is 6 inches,
on a hexagonal pattern.

Things sure have changed, haven't they?