Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2nd trough almost online

With a lot of help from Fer, I almost have my second trough online:

Fer and Jones supervising

Getting the corners in

Nasty, nasty corners, takes two different styles!

Filling with water!
There's also a time-lapsed video of building it. Not the best such video ever made, but it's my first, so whatever:

There was some drama as I tried to get the uniseals into the liner (these allow pipes to be put through the liner, rather than going over the edge), which is explained on the BYAP forum thread Uniseal Problems. My solution? K-Y jelly. If it's good enough for Aliens, it's good enough for me!

Uniseal in place.
I also have a new friend (enemy? Is she plotting to eat all my produce?)
How many cabbages can a woodchuck steal, if a woodchuck can get into my troughs?
The whole picture archive is available here, and there's more detail on my BYAP thread.
My apologies for how rushed this post is, but I need to sleep!