Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Workday July 30th

I'm having another workday on July 30th (this Saturday). RSVPs and additional sign-up days can be found at the usual place:

Doodle Link!

What I've been doing for the last few weeks, and a bit to whet your appetite:

Gluing and screwing the troughs

The bottom frame for the trough

Putting in the side rails

Working at night

Remember those scorchers last week? I tried to work at night to beat the heat, but it turns out the mosquitoes were too dam^H^H^H darn thick, even with copious amounts of mosquito dope.

Then I got sick (not heat related). Just recovering now, and getting back to work.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the company of critters

I also have a fair number of critters keeping me company.

Breeding pair of American Kestrels.
Moth getting her daily salt from my knee
Toad waiting for ants to come up the crack.
I had to pull a few of these out of the sump pit as it was being dug.

Dragon fly taking a break on a sheet of insulation.

I also have a bunch of prairie skinks, but I haven't managed to get a pic yet:
I had to pull a few of these out of the sump pit as well.
Pic from Nature Bend Nature Center, http://www.rbnc.org/herps.htm

There are also lots of various herons, a Bald Eagle that flies over many days, and I've seen a coyote as well.

More work progress

Lots more work happening out at the Greenhouse. The work days have been extremely helpful, and I hope to have more soon. The heat out there is pretty bad, though, especially since I can't roll up both sides of my greenhouses. I'm working on getting that fixed.  I may need to switch to a night schedule, so I can work in the cool.

Once the building is done, I don't think it'll be a problem.
Sump pit almost complete. Using a 5gal bucket as a step in and out.
Using cable ties to attach the insulation and plywood to the IBC frame.
Sumptank in place!
Laying out the troughs.